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Crawl spaces present many challenges for homeowners because the unfinished basement space is typically not heated or cooled in any way. This can result in humidity building up in the space. Unfortunately, excess humidity in the crawl space can present a problem that extends beyond this unfinished basement area and that causes issues in the […]

Crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture from a lot of sources, but unfortunately things in your crawl space can go from bad to worse during winter time. Snow can cause a number of problems, including exacerbating leaks and drainage problems in your crawl space as the snow melts. A damp crawl space is a draw […]

Every now and then, an age old idea that everyone had always adhered to turns out to completely false. For instance, remember how everyone thought the world was flat until Christopher Columbus made his voyage to discover the Americas? Well, such is the case with the idea of letting your crawlspace breathe. See, if you […]

A crawlspace vapor barrier is a great way to keep your crawlspace from becoming a damp or wet area. The crawl space provides an important structural foundation for the house, but it is also susceptible to water damage due to its underground location and the closeness of the surrounding soil. A wet crawlspace can provide […]

So you have finally decided to bite the bullet and encapsulate your crawlspace. Trust us when we say, you will not regret it. It’s a smart decision made by a savvy homeowner. You have realized that a home without a crawlspace vapor barrier is prone to: Dirty, musty air Insects and other pests drawn in […]

It’s important to make sure that your crawl space is sealed from the elements. Why? By protecting your crawl space, you are protecting your whole house. Crawl spaces breed mold and mildew. These spores grow and spread into your house if left unchecked.  While crawl space waterproofing is not a job you would want to […]

If you have a damp crawl space, you are presented with a big choice. You can either obtain crawl space waterproofing from a licensed, experienced professional or you can just ignore it and move on. Now pay careful attention and understand when we tell you that this choice is more important than you might think. […]

Living in a moist area such as Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio can spell disaster for the crawl space beneath your home. Failing to keep your crawl space dry and conditioned can eventually destroy your home and pose risks to your family’s health. While every home without a basement foundation can benefit from crawl space waterproofing, […]

Why It’s Important Everyone knows that water penetration will destroy your home. But did you know that water in your crawl space can also affect the inside of your home? Here’s a brief rundown of resulting problems: The joists under your home may rot, resulting in sagging floors and eventual collapse. The damp areas in […]

Painting your bedroom, refinishing kitchen cabinets, planting a flower bed- these are a few home improvement projects you might consider taking on by yourself one weekend when you’re feeling productive. However, when it comes to something as important and involved as crawl space repair, you should consider finding a reputable contractor to do the hard […]