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A crawl space vapor barrier is a great addition to your home as it can help to solve moisture problems and other issues in your crawl space. A crawl space vapor barrier is, as the name suggests, a barrier that is applied to the crawl space in your basement. The barrier is made of a […]

A crawlspace vapor barrier is a great way to keep your crawlspace from becoming a damp or wet area. The crawl space provides an important structural foundation for the house, but it is also susceptible to water damage due to its underground location and the closeness of the surrounding soil. A wet crawlspace can provide […]

So you have finally decided to bite the bullet and encapsulate your crawlspace. Trust us when we say, you will not regret it. It’s a smart decision made by a savvy homeowner. You have realized that a home without a crawlspace vapor barrier is prone to: Dirty, musty air Insects and other pests drawn in […]

A wet basement is a very frustrating thing to any homeowner. It means that your house is simply allowing water, usually from the ground, into your basement. It usually happens during heavy rains, when the ground is saturated the water seeps through cracks in the walls that are improperly sealed. But in can also happen […]

Once you have properly secured your home from the sources of humidity and moisture, building a crawl space vapor barrier is the next step that should be lingering on your mind. A vapor barrier retards the movement of water vapor through a building element (that is to say; walls, ceilings, etc.) and prevents insulation and […]

Living in a moist area such as Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio can spell disaster for the crawl space beneath your home. Failing to keep your crawl space dry and conditioned can eventually destroy your home and pose risks to your family’s health. While every home without a basement foundation can benefit from crawl space waterproofing, […]

Why It’s Important Everyone knows that water penetration will destroy your home. But did you know that water in your crawl space can also affect the inside of your home? Here’s a brief rundown of resulting problems: The joists under your home may rot, resulting in sagging floors and eventual collapse. The damp areas in […]

Painting your bedroom, refinishing kitchen cabinets, planting a flower bed- these are a few home improvement projects you might consider taking on by yourself one weekend when you’re feeling productive. However, when it comes to something as important and involved as crawl space repair, you should consider finding a reputable contractor to do the hard […]

Water may quench your thirst and offer loads of summer fun, but it’s also your home’s biggest enemy. More specifically, water in your crawl space can harm you and your home in multiple ways. Luckily, you can avoid these problems with one phone call to a crawl space repair company. In case you still aren’t […]

A crawl space is defined as a type of basement that is so shallow you cannot stand up. Specifically, it is the area between the ground and the floor of the structure above. It may or may not be sealed off from the outside by a cinder block wall or other framing; generally there is […]