StayDry® Waterproofing uses a highly durable 20 mil fiber reinforced membrane material. This vapor barrier or “vapor diffusion barrier”, seals your home from the earth, to prevent soil moisture from migrating into the crawl space. Our liner material is white on both side and extremely durable. The vapor barrier is firmly secured to the walls of the crawlspace with nylon fasteners and all seams are overlapped and securely taped by a minimum of six inches. This product and procedure is very efficient and durable, and we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our encapsulation system. Encapsulating your crawl space is one of the healthiest and most energy efficient procedures you can perform to your home and it will also increase your home’s value. Sealing your crawl space using this system inhibits the moist earth air that carries with it mold and other harmful particles such as soil gases and very importantly it cuts down on heating and cooling costs. New studies have proven that you will have a cleaner, healthier, and less humid home by sealing your crawl space. Every new and older home should have a sealed crawl space for the health and safety of your family. Please view the videos and independent study results of crawl spaces in our research library.

Free Inspections

We offer a free crawl space vapor barrier inspection. StayDry® will inspect the exterior of your home as well as the crawl space to determine if you may need to simply alter the grade of the soil surrounding the home or install and extend downspouts. If you have water intrusion, musty or moldy conditions, or just need a sump pump, we will closely inspect and evaluate the crawl space then discuss your affordable options.

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We offer a free basement waterproofing inspection.

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